The two people behind the Mul'c brand are Tina and Mark, life companions, parents of Neža and Nik, huge lovers of nature and connoisseurs of first-class, healthy and homemade food.

I (Tina) have inherited the passion for gardening, herb collecting, mushroom picking, fruit growing and preparing food at home (from everyday meals to preserves) from my parents. When I met Mark, he quickly became "infected" with my way of living. A couple of years ago we bought a walnut grove and thus became farmers, which is something I would have never imagined being possible fifteen years ago. We have now been living and working in harmony with nature for a number of years and we are passing this way of life onto our children.

The idea for Mul'c was born in our kitchen. It is a wish of every parent to make a nutritious and healthy meal for their child. However, we often run out of time and make do with some instant meals containing way too much sugar. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are not doing any favours to our children by giving them such food.

As parents, we were also faced with this challenge. Therefore, we decided to make a natural, wholesome, and most importantly, a delicious meal that our children will be happy to eat over and over again. It is no good making natural and wholesome meals if they don't also taste good. We began testing various high quality grains and other ingredients, as well as combining different flavours. Just a few months later, four different flavours of Mul'c came to life - Walnut, Coconut, Cocoa and Hazelnut.

All Mul'c meals are healthy and delicious, ready in a couple of minutes.

Treat your children to the Mul'c meal for breakfast, snack or dinner. Children will be grateful to you and you won't need to feel guilty because you will know that once again you have done something good for them.